Overhauling your Bedford property can be a lengthy and costly task.

Limited time and finances often mean we renovate our homes at a slower pace than we would like, but of course, this also allows for careful consideration to go into each room.

Improving your home in Bedford doesn’t have to be expensive though. There are many budget tricks you can use to spruce up your home.

Here are 9 of our favourites with their approximate costs.

1. Tidy up the front door

Whether preparing your house for sale or simply trying to smarten the family home up, a fresh front door is always a good idea.

You don’t need to invest in a whole new door. With some decent paint and a little elbow grease, you can completely transform your existing door. The front door is the first thing your guests or viewers will see, so a little TLC will go a long way.

Cost: £30

2. Add a coat of fresh paint

Although an obvious solution, repainting your walls can have a considerable impact on your property’s overall finish. It is not until you begin to paint, that you will realise quite how many scuffs and marks are covering the walls.

Painting is especially relevant when your home is on the market, with fine margins separating you and the local competition.

When trying to sell your home, be sure to freshen up bathrooms and kitchens as a priority and stick to a neutral palette to attract the broadest range of viewers.

Cost £50-£100

3. Convert a dedicated office space

With so many of us now working from home, there has never been a better time to turn an unloved space into an office.

The initial transition to home working left many of us hunched over our kitchen tables. But, buyers are now expectant to see a dedicated workspace in every home they visit.

A fresh coat of paint and a proper office desk and chair can transform any space. While a brand new office set up can often amount to hundreds of pounds, instead, search second-hand stores and online marketplaces to stay within your budget.

Cost: £100

4. Revamp your handles

Fitting new door handles throughout your house can give your property a cohesive and stunning finish.

The choices are endless, and you will be sure to find a style that matches your home’s personality. If you love the vintage look, check Facebook Marketplace and eBay, where you can find some hidden gems for significantly less.

Alternatively, revamp your drawers and cupboards by simply replacing the handles. Carrying this idea through to your kitchen can give your cabinets a whole new lease of life, transforming your kitchen at a fraction of the price.

Cost: £20-£50

5. Tidy up your garden

When selling your home in Bedford , the garden may be the first glimpse of your house that viewers get, leading to immediate make or break decisions.

There are a few simple tasks you should carry out in the garden that cost next to nothing.

Ensure any decking or patio areas are jet washed and free from weeds. Trim back any shrubs or conifers that border the property, and give the grass a good cut. This is particularly important in the spring, when the garden has been neglected over the winter months. Consider also planting some bright edging flowers that will add life and vibrancy to any garden.

Cost £10

6. Add a budget stair runner

New stair carpets are expensive.

If you are lucky enough to have decent floorboards lurking beneath a tired staircase carpet, pull it up and add an inexpensive runner to completely transform the space.

Cost: £100

7. Consider your home security

This might be as simple as having the locks on your front and back door changed to more secure options.

Alternatively, improving your home security may involve purchasing motion sensor powered lights for around the perimeter of your home. This can be a clever and inexpensive deterrent for those looking to take advantage and a plus for potential buyers looking at your home.

Cost: £25 – £100

8. Replace tired curtains or blinds

Providing you have had blinds installed before, the cost of new ones should not break the bank. Replacing your tired blinds with some fresh new ones can drastically brighten up the room. Sales are constantly on rotation, so keep an eye out to grab yourself a bargain.

Cost: £50-£100

9. Replace your kitchen backsplash

Protect your walls and inject a new lease of life into your kitchen with a budget backsplash in the form of stickers. These can simply be applied over your existing wall or tiles and are a fun way to add colour and pattern to a bland room.

For something a little more permanent, a solid backsplash can be purchased. These are easy to install and look surprisingly luxurious, considering the relatively inexpensive nature of the product.

Cost: £20-£50

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