If you’re thinking about moving, it can be difficult to know when’s the best time to get your house valued. You want to make the most of how well the property market is doing right now, but you also need time to really figure out what you need from your next move.

1.Instant valuation

Our instant valuation takes about 60 seconds to do. It’s ideal if you’re curious about what the property market is doing and how it affects the price of your home before you commit to a more accurate valuation.

At about 70% to 80% accuracy, the figure is generated automatically using Land Registry and local property listings data so it’s a quick and easy way to find out an estimated value of your property.

To get started, enter a few details and you’ll get an instant estimated sales value of your home.

2.Online valuation plus

If you want to know what kind of property you may be able to afford before you make the final decision to put your home on the market, an ‘On-line valuation plus’ will help.

It will provide you with a more accurate valuation than an on-line tool alone without ever needing to step through your front door.

Because each property is unique, this tool allows you to add pictures and describe any property improvements you’ve made that differentiates your home from other houses on your street.

Perfect if you’re just not ready for us to visit yet!

3.A face to face market appraisal

If you want to move sooner rather than later, then book an on-site valuation.

This is the best way to get an accurate and timely valuation with our highly experienced property professionals whose knowledge of the local property market is second to none.

With our bespoke property appraisal report, you’ll be in the best place to maximise what you have and minimise any issues that may be impacting on a sale.

Book now so you don’t miss out on all those house hunters looking for a home just like yours.