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Congratulations, you’re almost there... and it’s probably been a whirlwind of things to do. So, before you forget, here’s a handy checklist of who you need to tell that you’re moving to a new house and what you need to do.

Your Household

TV licence

Your existing TV licence won’t be valid for your new house so you’ll need to update your information on the TV licence website. You can do this up to three months in advance.


About a month before you move, let your utility suppliers know when you’re moving and where so you aren’t charged with the new occupants bills.

• On your last day, submit your final gas, electricity and water meter readings.

Phone, broadband and TV

You’ll need to contact your provider/s and let them know you’ll be moving. Think about doing this a month in advance as any cancellations or changes to your contracts can require one month’s notice so the sooner you can do it the better.

Redirect your mail

As good as this checklist is, we’ll have missed something, so it’s a good idea to get your mail redirected for at least 3 months to protect your personal information from identity theft.


You probably take most of your monthly subscriptions for granted if you’re on a rolling contract, so you’ll need to change your address for things like the gym, Netflix, magazines and newspapers. And if you’re moving further afield, then don’t forget to cancel the subscriptions you can no longer visit.


If you do a lot of online shopping then change your address on these platforms. You don’t want your next day delivery on Amazon going to the wrong address or your Tesco delivery!


You may get a bit of help at home, either inside or outside, so don’t forget to let those people know you’ll be moving. And, if you’re not moving too far away, they may be able to help in your new house:



•Window cleaner

The kids

No, we’re not suggesting that you remember to tell them! But it’s a good idea to let their schools know you’re moving and where to so they can update their contact information. It can also be a tough time for children so it’s good the school knows so they can keep an eye out for their well-being.

Your car

Update your driving licence

It can take up to 2-4 weeks to receive your new licence after you let the DVLA know your new address, so get that done as soon as you know it.

Breakdown cover

Some providers charge different rates dependant on where you live and for where they need to take you in case of a breakdown, so change your details on their website when you can.

Vehicle log book.

Forgetting to update your V5C can result in a £1000 fine, so save yourself some money and change your details by going to:

Your finances

If you don’t have a redirect on your mail to your new address, then this checklist is probably the most important to make sure you get done. And soon! Let them know your new details in person or online:

•Banks and building societies

•Premium bonds - if you’re registered, you can change the details using this link:

•Pensions - state pension link:

•Loan companies

•Credit/debit card companies

•Store cards

Your insurances

Most insurance companies will need your postcode to work out your premium and cost of cover, so be aware that your outgoings may change when you’ve let them know. This may make it the perfect time to consider switching and saving yourself some money just in case your premiums do go up?

•Health insurance

•Home and contents insurance

•Life insurance

•Travel insurance

•Pet Insurance

Local authorities

Electoral roll

You’ll want to be eligible to vote wherever you move to, so you need to re-register on the Electoral Roll. Changing your address will also improve your credit score as it helps lenders check your name and address.

Council tax

Each council has its own form for changing your address, to get you started, visit:

Your health (and your pet’s)

If you’re moving out of the area, then you’ll need to tell the medical professions your change of address so they can forward your medical information on. If you’re staying local, then they will just update your records. Don’t forget to add your beloved family pet to your list!





Your career


Let your employer know as soon as you can because they need to adjust your payroll, you definitely don’t want to forget that!

Inland revenue

The Inland Revenue will need to know you’ve moved for your taxes, so let them know and update the information online.

National insurance

Get your NI number ready and give the government a call on 0300 200 3300 to update your personal details. You can’t miss this step because the DVLA, HMRC and your employer all require this information to identify you to the government.

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