An unexpected red flag that you need to look out f

Are you getting ready to put your property on the market? What should you be looking for in this sales pitch? Are there any red flags you should be on high alert to spot?

Are you getting ready to put your property on the market? You might have done an online valuation or maybe even arranged some appointments with estate agents.

If you've had any valuation appointments already, you will have listened to the sales pitch of each agent as they tell you, in depth, what they do and how they plan to sell your home.

But what should you be looking for in this sales pitch? Are there any red flags you should be on high alert to spot?

Most of us have a pretty good radar for dodgy sales pitches, but there is something else you should be aware of. Something that could seem positive but could actually harm your property marketing and subsequent sale.

Often used as a USP, and a great reason to instruct an agent is that they can quickly have your property advertised online. If you hear this, your spidey senses should be on high alert.

Expert marketing, excellent photography and property descriptions all take time to prepare, particularly if they are to be done well.

For a property to be launched to the market, there will need to be images, a written description, and a floor plan. Perhaps even a virtual tour or a TV-style video will be prepared. And a for sale board might need to be placed outside. This takes time to prepare if it's to be done correctly.

You want the very best images taken of your property by a professional, highlighting your home's best features and making it look inviting to potential viewers. You don't want pictures taken in a rush by the agent on their phone without editing.

You want the opportunity to style and stage your home so that you can show the lifestyle that your home offers to a buyer. This will make your home appear more desirable and encourage more viewings. This will not be possible if the agent whips their phone or camera out of their pocket and starts snapping away at the valuation appointment.

So what should you expect?

An agent should take time to prepare everything and be ready to launch to the market. Your agent should be able to offer advice about styling the property and staging using props if necessary to make the property really stand out and capture the interest of potential buyers. Images should be cared for with particular attention paid to the angle or lighting to make your home look incredible. The video footage and virtual tour should be prepared with careful consideration.

The wording in the description should be captivating and intriguing, expertly showing the lifestyle a lucky buyer could have if they bought your property. This is not simply a bullet-point list of features about the property but the opportunity to describe the best parts of your home in a way that will compel property searchers to arrange an appointment.

Ultimately, the best property marketing takes time to get it right. It can not, and indeed should not be, rushed. When you place your property on the market, you want to see it and feel proud; after all, you are showcasing the inside of your home to the general public; you want it to look nice, don't you?

Don't rush to get your home onto the websites; when selling a property, there are many other elements to a marketing strategy that all work together to ensure that you sell your property for the highest price possible. A half-baked job will not secure you the highest offers for your property.

To find out more about how the marketing strategy for selling your home can make all the difference and ultimately result in higher offers for you, get in touch with our team of property experts.